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Effortless luxury and ultimate automated convenience come together in a custom space where the only limits are those of the imagination. From intuitive home automation to the power of a home cinema that blends ‘raw’ and ‘refined’, with flat panels that rotate on the wall to display art by day and become crisp, cutting-edge televisions by night, the new Cinema Architects Experience in Kramerville, Sandton, isn’t a showroom – it’s a glimpse into the lifestyle possibilities that only the country’s leading award-winning global AV and smart home solutions provider, can deliver.


Enter through a door that pivots at the touch of a mobile app button and step into a dazzling custom reception area, covered in sinuous curved panels that create an otherworldly ambiance with custom lighting control.

Follow the glow to the inviting bedroom and dressing room area, featuring the finest bedding and cosseted in custom creature comforts, with an array of convenience functions automated and controlled via a discreet wall-mounted panel, or a nearby tablet.

Flow through to the bespoke kitchen with one-touch cupboards, app-ready appliances and crisp projection that makes the best possible use of the shimmering cabinetry to display live video at up to 100-inches in size, in crystal clarity.

A lush sofa splits the next room in two, with an unobtrusive Samsung screen on one wall and examples of the technology which drives pleasure throughout the space, on the other. Part showpiece, part show-off, the room is a hub from which spins a world of dazzling options.

Pause at the VR Room – a gamer’s paradise fitted with top-end projector and VR accoutrements, which could see you walk through a mesmerising render of an automated room or home of your own custom design, if your imagination catches fire.

An opulent bar with the ultimate twist is the gateway to two home cinema rooms – though there’s plenty of entertainment to be had in this space too, with monstrous sound from fine-tuned Genelec speakers and the last word in luxury champagnes, cognacs and whiskeys ready to be enjoyed on a luscious custom-built couch that defines the room in a dramatic ‘L’.

To the right, a home cinema room beckons, featuring the only 110-inch Samsung Micro LED screen on the continent nestling neatly against the wall, with a custom speaker design that delivers sound to match the dazzling crispness and brightness of the epic screen.

Next door, a perforated cinema screen hides an array of speakers that reproduce film audio in the way in which it was meant to be enjoyed, delivering every note at perfect pitch in a room designed for lounging away a movie night or settling in for the weekend. An unobtrusive projector springs to life and fires up the screen with the latest blockbuster films, auteur classics or a live stream of your choice from the bespoke entertainment hub.

In both cinemas, discreet lighting highlights chic touches as you’re napped in comfort in the custom seating, with every possible operation and function automated with one-touch control remote control.

Choice is the byword and customisation is the culture – the Cinema Architects Experience is no showroom for a product range, but rather a preview of the potential for deploying the most cutting-edge technology in your home, in your way. Stroll through the space, make appointments with the finest suppliers and artisans to seamlessly manage selection, design and delivery of your ultimate lifestyle space under the watchful eye of the concierge and immerse yourself in the Cinema Architects Experience.

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