AV News is a representation of our efforts to bring meaningful content back into the consumptive space that was occupied by specialist magazines of past.

We’re aimed at enthusiasts of hi-fi, audiophiles. We’re also aimed at normal folk who’re interested in getting more from their sound and visual appliances and who have an interest in the tech that pervades the space.

If it’s got a visual or audible interface we want to talk/write/engage with it. If you’re selling it, send us your news. If you want to read about it, send us your requests.

The magic deets are editor@avnews.co.za and/or William on 082 886 7114 (Whatsapp preferred, pls don’t be offended if he doesn’t answer).

Reference equipment and music tracks

As you can imagine there is quite a lot of it, listed here.

The People

William Kelly

William Kelly as publisher spent many years, more than he cares to count here, scribing for Audio Video Magazine of the past. This is his effort to re-engage lost audiences, on similar principles that the magazine stood for, independent credible coverage of the industry.

082 886 7114

Andrew Rowland

Andrew Rowland was editor of Audio Video magazine for many years. Andrew is a word smith whose focus is on turning written word into readable English.


Justin Beechcroft-Shaw

Justin Beechcraft-Shaw was a contributor to Audio Video Magazine for many years primarily in the photography arena. He is now also a talented video producer.

Joel Kopping

Joel Kopping was a contributor to Audio Video for many years. Joel has an ear and runs his own business in the AV space.

Ruzena Demel Muller

Ruzena Demel Muller ran subs, the magazine and communications. She has an extensive knowledge of the industry and consults for us on an ad hoc basis.



Ciara Vogelman

Ciara Vogelman is our web guru. She is a co-owner of RogueWeb who are the principal architects of this site and our default partners in producing this madness.


The ethos and subscription principles

Music is the glue.

The principles behind which we operate are simple. Consistent Credible Coverage is our intention – we bring YOU the news, the reviews, the thoughts and the thinking in this niche space.

But it is expensive to do this properly. Words and voices have to be paid for. The humans that generate them need to eat. Whilst journalists admittedly can survive on a diet of grass and rock soup, even this has a token cost. Words and voices need to be edited and uploaded and served whilst being meaningful and relevant and of interest to you.

In short, we have all of the costs of a printed magazine and none of the revenue.

Online we can only make this work if we have numbers and some form of income to cover these costs. Advertising and subscriptions are what kept print magazines operational and this model will have to adapted to work online.

We will always remain a free for content platform. You get to read for free and you can subscribe for new alerts for free. Please do so – it’s not spam and it is you giving us value a supporter of our efforts and in as a consumer of our offerings. Advertisers in turn see value.

The second, and preferred option is that you take out a paid subscription. This does a few things. 1. It bring us some much needed revenue and ensures we can keep going. 2. It gives you access to things like classifieds, special offers, competitions etc as they come up. The subscription price is nominal, aimed at being as entry level as we can make it. We want everyone to feel they are deriving value and you will note the competitive advertising subscriptions that we offer.

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