Reference equipment as used by AV News contributors

AV News makes use of equipment that is occasionally supplied to us on long term loan/review. Additionally our contributors make use of their own kit for reference purposes. As per our contributors judgement equipment may be swapped in and out as deemed necessary during a critical review.

Sources Sony CD X300 bitstream, Marantz 3100 media player, Nuprime Dac10h, Nuprime WR 100, BlueSound Node, Cambridge 752 BD Blu Ray, Apple TV 4k
Pre and power amplification Thule Spirit 100 line amp, Yamaha RVX915 A/V Receiver, Valve Audio Genesis Pre amp, Nuprime IDA16
Speakers Martin Logan Electro Motion ESL, Sonor Audio derived AVSA Kit Ones (original), Xavian Mia, Sonor Claro 6.2, Yamaha YAS 408 Sound bar, Sonos Arc Sound bar, Boston M250
Visual Samsung TXV 50″, Samsung QE55Q8C curved
Cabling and interconnects Van den Hul Carbon interconnects, Transparent silver speaker cabling, Transparent silver interconnects, Straight wire Virtuoso R balanced and single ended cables, Audioquest Columbia RCA, Neutralis speaker and interconnects, custom made speaker cables, Van den Hul cables ( various), custom power cables 
Furniture and accessories

Sound Structures custom triple sliding A/V rack, 19″ Sound Structures reference stand, Sound Structures reference bookshelf speaker stands, Clearline Sound system filter, Merlin bass traps, UTunes tt isolation, Vibrapod isolation pods ( various)

Reference tracks

Numerous and growing!