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Yamaha has launched the new TW-E7B true wireless earbuds, sitting atop the brand’s already extensive true wireless offering. Adopting Yamaha’s True Sound philosophy at the forefront of their design, with large 10 mm drivers and acoustically optimised housings, the TW-E7B earbuds are for users wanting to truly immerse themselves in their favourite music, demanding superior sound quality while not compromising on the latest technology and convenient features.

The TW-E7B earbuds are now Yamaha’s flagship true wireless earbuds, combining Yamaha’s exclusive ANC implementation with a powerful processing system that is able to correct the sound of the large drivers in real time, adapting the response to the environment. The processing system also features what Yamaha names Listening Care, a dynamic loudness optimisation feature for full-range sound at lower listening volumes.

The TW-E7B earbuds leverage a Qualcomm Bluetooth platform, supporting Qualcomm cVc (Clear Voice Capture) for calls, combined with an advanced microphone design and stable wireless connectivity with Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring and role swapping features.

Other interesting features of the TW-E7B design include in-ear detection capability for automatic start/stop of music and app control, and a Gaming Mode that reduces the delay between sound and video, optimising performance for gaming use and video content.

Unconventional for a true wireless earbud, the TW-E7B employs a large 10 mm driver unit with a large-diameter voice coil, realising truly musical low-frequency reproduction. The diaphragm is highly responsive, accurately reproducing tonal qualities with particular sensitivity to the dynamic lulls and rises in the sound. Unnecessary vibrations and echo interferences have been minimised due to the housing design, delivering clear high-frequencies and excellent spatial expression. Air inside the IPX5 (water and sweat resistant) housing is carefully controlled with ‘leak-holes’ on the front and back of the driver housing, efficiently maximising the performance of the driver unit.

To ensure comfort over lengthy listening periods and also to minimise sound leakage — improving low-frequency sounds and overall audio accuracy — the mechanical design of the TW-E7B minimises pressure on various parts of the ear, reducing wearing fatigue over long listening periods. The elliptical design ensures a comfortable fit for different ear shapes, simply by rotating the earbud into the most comfortable position. Five different ear-tip sizes provide a tight yet comfortable fit, ensuring full frequency reproduction over extended listening periods, with low levels of fatigue.

The new Listening Optimizer feature analyses and corrects the effects of individual ear shapes and wearing in real time. The TW-E7B uses an internal microphone which monitors the signal affected by the shape of the ear canal and how the earbud is worn, calculating the difference from the original audio signal, and finally correcting the difference so that it can deliver on the promise of True Sound. The TW-E7Bs also allow users to adjust the EQ individually with the new Headphone Control App.

Yamaha’s own unique algorithm is also employed on the TW-E7B with a focus on retaining the nuances of the music while blocking out external noise. The algorithm analyses the signal received from the internal microphone and the playback music signal, calculating and filtering noise components, then finally separating the noise component, leaving the music signal untouched.

According to Yamaha, TW-E7B Earbuds are able to achieve up to 6 hours of listening with ANC turned on (+ 16 hours from the charging case). The in-ear detection and convenient buttons offer simple control of the earbuds’ main features, while the Headphone Control app offers extended features including turning Listening Care Advanced on or off, and access to EQ adjustments.

The Yamaha TW-E7B earbuds should become available in SA towards end of October, expected retail pricing will be approximately R2 990.00 Vat inclusive.

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