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They may be new kids on the TV block (relatively speaking) but what they have to say cannot be denied in this post Covid world… “Two years. Seems short, right? Too short for a change to become a way of life, for trends to become permanent, for anything to stick, really. Well, not so if the last two years have taught us anything. The new normal that the pandemic set off in motion changed the way brands, businesses and consumers operate and this reinforced itself at a dramatic pace last year. “We’ve never seen technology come into its own as it has over the last two years. With tech being our only way to communicate, brands have had to step up to make this communication not only possible, but seamless too,” explains Jaco Joubert, SKYWORTH brand manager. 2022 will focus on hyper-personalisation, across all technology platforms and appliances, from TVs and smart phones to fridges and sound systems. This will be made possible through AI-driven applications for better consumer experience.” When it comes to TVs, AI continues to bring excitement with TVs getting smarter and working more efficiently with heightened viewing experiences. While we may be returning to a more ‘normal’, pre-pandemic world, what the last two years have made clear is that we don’t need to rely so heavily on external sources of entertainment. Our TVs can provide us with a more comfortable, clearer, and ‘smarter’ experience than any cinema ever could. Plus, with so much content out there, we’re spoilt for choice.” for more


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