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PSB speakers are cherished for their true-to-nature sound; a sound that is neither momentarily impressive, nor dulled to blend into the ambience.

For 50 years, PSB’s engineering team has used acoustic research and experience to cement speaker designs that sound exactly right, leaving only musical expression in their wake. With these updated in-wall and in-ceiling designs, PSB uses high quality drivers optimised to the internal volume of each enclosure for the unique requirements of custom installation.

The result is a nearly invisible presence, both visually and sonically, that redefines how music can sound in the home.

The problem with many in-wall speakers is that their performance is compromised by the very wall into which they are placed. Lack of support for a truly rigid speaker baffle, which is essential for resonance-free sound, and an unpredictable acoustic chamber behind the speaker, are factors that make it impossible to get a predictable high-quality result. PSB’s CustomSound speakers solve both of these problems by including a superbly engineered enclosure that ensures the acoustic integrity of the design in any installation.

PSB recognises the importance of simple, straightforward installation to the success and profitability of every project. Using the tried and true ‘dog ear’ mounting system makes for a familiar and trouble-free installation.

Like all PSB Speakers, the CustomSound models are individually tested, adhere to strict scientific acoustic principles, and are extensively measured, tested and voiced by an engineering team led by PSB Founder and Chief Acoustic Designer, Paul Barton. All models include a white painted ‘frameless’ grille with a fabric scrim (to visually hide the drive units) that magnetically attaches to the back box assembly.

Heavy duty steel and ABS doglegs make installation fast, easy and secure. The speaker cabinet features cable tracks for clean and efficient wire management. Pre-construction templates are also included. All models are packaged and sold individually to allow for maximum flexibility in speaker configuration. Nearly identical in voicing, the CustomSound models can be mixed and matched in a single system.

The C-LCR (R19 990 each VAT incl.) is capable of projecting a soundstage which seems to come from the video screen without giving away its location in the ceiling. It offers well-controlled directionality without introducing any harsh refraction issues commonly found in many angled in-ceiling speakers.

The W-LCR (R12 990 each VAT incl.) was developed to cover several system design solutions. Designed with a highly refined driver complement, it is the in-wall centre/surround match for the Synchrony Series. Its incredible tonal characteristics and expansive dispersion make it the ideal choice for any and all channels.

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