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Noise cancelling tech in the real world – Klipsch sponsors the Franco Scribante racing team.

As an avid motor sport and occasional dabbler myself I can attest to the fact that around the pits on race day, the environment is not conducive to the pursuit of high end audio reproduction. As a source for real world noise however it will be hard to beat.

Klipsch have partnered with Franco Scribante Racing as the team’s official headphone and audio partner. Global audio company Klipsch (headquartered in Indianapolis) produces world-class speakers and headphones, and in this case the racing team each received a pair of Klipsch T5II True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling earphones.

These T5II True Wireless ANC McLaren earphones are said to feature state-of-the-art active noise cancelling (ANC) technology that removes loud distractions and protects ears from unexpected loud noises when engaged in transparency mode.

Taking it a step further these earphones feature McLaren accents in their signature papaya color, real carbon fiber, and a co-molded outer shell that reflects the intermediate tread on the McLaren F1 cars’ tires. We kid you not.


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