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August 2022

Music. The universal language. Inscribed on occasion with words but even without words music transcends. At times of extreme emotional expression such as at the time of the loss of a loved one it is truly when we (I anyway) recognise the ultimate ‘humanness’ that connects us all, even if we have forgotten how to speak to each other.

And so it has been at a personal level.

It has also been so for those of us who had a thought for the Queen. Say what you like about her but her record of service is un-matched as was her devotion to her station. And the pomp and ceremony that has surrounded, and will continue to surround her death, has music flowing through it at every stage. It’s innate in us, to express emotion through what it is we hear.

This is why we do what we do – why we love what we love – and why we are who we are when it comes to our music. Not for us the scribblings of the bard in words expressed. Not for us the smearing of paint on canvas in visual cacophonies of delight. Not for us the aromas of creative culinary expressions.

But for us the admiration of the listened sound.


Thank you Loraine. For everything.


William Kelly




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