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May 2022

Almost halfway through the year already and things are starting to take shape on the site now. We’re in need of many things – primarily viewers and we hope once Google plays nicely with us that we will start ranking organically as a credible source of consistent coverage in the AV space in South Africa.

We’ve added a paid subscription model which is a trial. In essence it is an honour / trust based thing in which we hope that if you derive value from what you enjoy on our pages that you contribute to keeping the thing going. Journalists, albeit that they are used to diets of rock soup, still need a token crust thrown their way for their efforts, as do our editors who turn their scribblings into English, and our news feed workers, the admin overheads that come with running a business and well, you get the idea.

We’re testing a third party model called Patreon – and it works in US$. Don’t worry we’re not going to be funding some offshore nasties – they just don’t work in ZARs. We’ve kept the subs as low as possible – at less than 1$ the fees eat up most of it and so we’re opting to test at $1.50. For our advertisers and supporters there are two additional tiers there and we’ll sit down and work with you on a budget including banners and other good coverage options as we strive towards balancing content space with ad space.

The local front continues to supply us – Schalk from Valve Audio got us an Exclame integrated to listen to – thoughts on that coming shortly. We really are spoiled for choice and our stuff is GOOD.

In the meantime keep the comments and emails coming – it is good to catch up with the new and old, the familiar and the cutting edge. Music is always changing, and it is definitely for the better even if it means we’re reverting to unusual sources to find the next Red Hot Chili Peppers..

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