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April 2022

We’re off to the races now!

It’s been a few months that we’ve been playing with, tweaking and re-jigging matters. It will never be perfect and we have a few odds and sods to still complete, but sometimes you just gotta get going!

Yamaha have taken a punt on us with support and we will be covering some of its product shortly. Look out for it – those that know me know that I have a high degree of appreciation for the brand partly stemming from my admiration of Japan from the many trips I have done there, and partly because they are a musical instruments company as well as an electronics giant in our space.

I had forgotten about the logistics and getting product to review. It was in truth, never my wheelhouse – I remember un-packing and re-packing components with regularity and there never seemed to be a shortage of them… in time no doubt we will get there as people find us and hopefully stick with us!

We have listened to some pretty amazing stuff – what does an R3.5M system actually sound like? As you can imagine, yes, it’s not half bad…

And we scooped/barged/demanded a listen to Roy’s new project speakers – the Claro 10.2s. As you will read, they’re quite something.

We appreciate all comments and feed back – go gently on us as we find our feet and direction of where this project is going to unfold. It’s exciting to be sure, and what you can do is share the site and the posts as you find them with your friends and others with similar interests to us all in this fabulous high fidelity world of music and entertainment.

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