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March 2022


And they say a week is a long time in politics.

I do not think you can be human and not appreciate the awfulness of the state of the world at the moment. I can only imagine what John Lennon would be saying and what the inner ‘60’s hippies that resides in all of us might be responding with.

The scenes are heart breaking to watch and given that I always cry in movies, yeah yeah, there have been many that I have seen that have provoked similar responses. Truly the best and the worst of humanity comes to be on display.

One such clip that I watched revolved around the universal language that is a cup of tea. Here I thought this was a quintessentially British tradition. Yet it would appear to be one used across the globe and people who may not understand each other verbally somehow connect across something as simple as tea.

One wonders if the world might not be an even better place if we used beer instead.

I have no doubt Hollywood will jump onto the movie making process to tell the stories that should be told that have perhaps not even yet unfolded. It is of course the music in movies that is able to stir emotions in all of us that can tell the story, even if its recited in a different language.

Whilst we have much in common with Russia in the worst way, hopelessly out of touch supposedly untouchable and uncaring politicians, crippling corruption and sod all in the way of accountability, we also have music that speaks to us about being who we are.

It is my hope that we share music amongst each other to inspire, to contemplate, to truly listen to each other, to convey messages and to each our own solitude amongst the chaos of the noise that surrounds us.

May music grant you peace.


William Kelly




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