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July 2022

Watch this space we said! We’ll be heading into the stratosphere we said!

Google still hates us. So we do have a favour to ask? Share us! Let your friends know about us and subscribe to the email newsletter which will let you know what’s happening with new content. Of which we have quite a bit – we’ve had some awesome Martin Logans through our hands and there is a properly serious car coming up in the next few weeks that blew yours truly away. It was a literal revelation. And that coming off the back of the Bentley is quite something…

Much to come, so many things to get done, so little time in which to do it all. Read, share, send suggestions! We’re here for you. And go and audition stuff for the fun of it. When the power’s on we could all use some diversions and free entertainment at your local dealers listening room is a great way to spend a morning in deep appreciation of what we all love – music, music and some more music.

And you can win, win and win!

Thanks Yamaha!

William Kelly




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