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When I decided to start this site I went in with an open mind. I am now of an age way past that of when I knew everything. I am also somewhat past the point where I realised I knew nothing and I am now cornering the bend to where I am borderline on acceptance of not worrying about what it is that I don’t know but caring very much about I do know.

Whilst this may be precious little the one thing that stuck with me was that what I thought this site would turn out like was likely to be wrong. In this I have been proven to be correct!

We still haven’t officially launched whilst we line up and test things. A digital travesty! A dreadful mistake? Maybe.

“Build it and they will come!”

You will notice the switch from first person to third because some amazing people have come along to put their inputs into our efforts. This month it’s the turn of Richard Haslop (pictured above), who will, we can pretty much assure you, surprise.

We will leave it to you to have read and a listen to what it is that ‘Parts the clouds’, an apt way of discovering new and forgotten music. Enjoy it, along with our weekly selections of background working music that some of us are really enjoying. Musical access has exploded thanks to the internet and algorithms allowing exposure to music we’d not have been able to hear just ten years ago. Personally I like to believe that the opportunity to at least listen to something out of my comfort zone is one that should not go begging.

But this explosion also begs the question: Are the days of the mega band ultra rich rock star over?

We hope not. But we shall see. And yes, that’s what we in the industry call a ‘seed plant’.

One other thing is for sure that I knew at the time is that we certainly haven’t yet figured out how to pay the mounting bills. Note the liberal usage of the abuse of first to third person there!

However, part of this experience is to understand the new industry dynamics and how to make a business case for it. Even if said business case is, somewhat disappointingly, never going to make Ferrari type money. Right now, we’d settle for Picanto cash because the one thing we want to continue doing is to have fun and enjoy ourselves along the way.

On the equipment side of things there is Much Stuff coming your way. We recently unboxed a pair of R590k speakers for the experience of it and came away impressed. Hugo had his eyes and ears opened listening to them, and it’s always a wondrous thing to watch someone experience what the high end has to offer for the first time.

Some things once heard cannot be unheard and isn’t it wonderful that this is what this hobby has to offer us? Experiences such as these we will never forget.

The audible world has changed for him, forever and for the better. After all music is human glue. Our hobby when distilled is nothing more than a searching journey along a musical pathway of what it means to be human.

William Kelly


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