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August 2022

The advent of video content for reviews has never been stronger. I’ve teamed up, as one is supposed to, with someone far cleverer than I with a wealth of AV knowledge bouncing around in his large brain. Sarel is an experienced audiophile but as opposed to yours truly who has gleaned together enough knowledge to be dangerous, Sarel has a literal wealth of technical knowledge behind him.

I’m just a passenger on this journey, a position in which I often find myself. The podcasts, which are videos (go figure) are published on YouTube and you will find the links from AV News to them.

Be warned. They are long and it is my fervent hope that they are interesting enough to keep your attention for that time span. All I can say is that if you sit through them the information you will gain from them will serve you well for the rest of your listening life and it amazes me how little is known about this tender art of faithful reproduction of music that we all emotionally attach and subscribe to.

This series will change your perspective. I am not advocating that this is either a good or a bad thing. I am saying that for me personally it’s been interesting and it fills in some holes and provides explanations. I hope you find it of value.

If nothing else, if it gets you to go and listen to some music somewhere on some system in some dealers room or some mate’s place or it gets you and your wife to listen instead of watch for your evening entertainment I’ll consider the job well done.

Lastly it’s been about cars recently. I’m not a DSP fan, never have been – call it a hangover from my purist puritanical past – but having spent more and more time with DSP and especially in two very different cars I have to admit that cracks are forming for me in this environment. A necessity it is but the manner in which it is becoming presented has, I am afraid, to be heard to be believed. Again, as with all matters audible, I encourage you to form your own opinions on the matter and engage with us.

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