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The all new range of Klipsch Heritage Classic Speakers has been launched and is a throw back to the days of maverick company founder, Paul Klipsch. back in 1946 the Klipschorn made its debut and its impact on high fidelity audio over the years has been substantial.

The range comprises of a retro look but sporting modern componentry, bringing to the fore the technological developments that Klipsch has brought about over the decades. The ‘Classic’ nomenclature is used to distinguish the range from the conventional Heritage series that Klipsch fans will aready be familiar with.

Audioholics are appointed retailers of the products and they are available for demo in their listening rooms in Edenvale. But there’s more. In an exclusive offer for AVNews subscribers, Audioholics will not only deliver and install the speakers for you for free, but they will include free speaker cabling too!
(Subject to Ts&Cs, call them for more info).


Model Retail price Finishes
Klipschorn AK6 +/- R550,000.00 American Walnut, Satin Black
La Scala AL5 +/- R350,000.00 American Walnut, Satin Black
Cornwall IV +/- R200,000.00 Black Ash, American Walnut
Heritage Forte IV +/- R150,000.00 Distressed Oak, Black Ash, American Walnut
Heresy IV +/- R100,000.00 Distressed Oak, Black Ash, American Walnut

For more information:

+27 (0)11 453 2365


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