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In the bustling world of entertainment technology, Cinema Architects once again took the lead with the inauguration of its state-of-the-art Experience Centre in 2023. While much buzz surrounded the centre’s Genelec cinemas, an understated gem awaited guests in the form of the whiskey lounge.

Upon initial observation, the lounge exuded elegance with its bespoke furnishings, plush seating, and a meticulously crafted gold-gilded bar—a serene retreat beckoning enthusiasts to savour renowned single malt whiskeys.

However, delving beyond the surface revealed an exciting secret. Concealed behind a captivating 3-metre-wide Sandton skyline image, a Kauber Micro-perforated screen awaited its moment. This screen seamlessly integrated into the lounge’s ambiance, poised to transform the space with cinematic magic.

At the helm of this transformation stood the remarkable Genelec audio system, comprising two Genelec G Fours and two Genelec 5041A Active In-Wall Subwoofers. Despite their discreet placement, these audio marvels seamlessly integrated into the lounge’s aesthetics, awaiting activation with the touch of a button.

Powered by Elan (now NICE) automation technology, the lounge underwent a metamorphosis with a simple command. As lights dimmed and a projector gracefully descended, the artwork rolled away, unveiling a 4K cinematic experience. The G Four speakers, meticulously designed to accentuate the finest nuances of sound, ensured an immersive audio journey aligned with creators’ intentions, even in acoustically challenging environments.

With a remarkable sound pressure level of 105 dB and a frequency extension down to 41 Hz, the G Four speakers delivered unparalleled power and precision, elevating the cinematic experience to new heights. Their active design eliminated the need for bulky external amplifiers, offering optimised performance and simplified connectivity.

Moreover, the 5041A in-wall subwoofer further enriched the audio landscape, boasting a dynamic bass response reaching 35 Hz. Genelec’s innovative approach ensured seamless integration with individually calibrated amplifier modules and independent brackets for optimal performance and vibration isolation.

Equipped with Room Response Controls and remote capabilities, the subwoofer provided unparalleled versatility and convenience, catering to diverse acoustic environments and user preferences.

The whiskey lounge transcended its initial allure to become a versatile sanctuary for cinematic immersion and musical indulgence, thanks to Cinema Architects’ innovative integration of cutting-edge technology and refined aesthetics.


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