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Experience remarkable sound quality packed into a compact design with the Alpha P3. Meticulously crafted using cutting-edge technology, these true bookshelf speakers bring out the best in every note, from low bass to soaring highs. The Alpha P3 delivers an immersive listening experience that defies their small size.

Unlike many bookshelf speakers, the Alpha P3’s compact dimensions (H 22 cm x W 13 cm x D 17 cm) make it truly shelf-friendly. It’s small enough to fit comfortably on most bookshelves. But don’t be fooled by its small footprint. The Alpha P3 delivers room-filling audio that defies their compact size. With custom 4-inch woofers and precision-engineered components, they punch above their weight class to provide an experience that exceeds expectations.

Experience the Alpha P3’s expansive soundstage. This compact marvel features a custom 4-inch woofer and aluminium dome tweeter with a front waveguide, ensuring precise, natural reproduction. Textured woofer cones and a unique port tube design deliver deep, resonating lows without distortion. Meanwhile, its aluminum dome tweeter allows it to hit higher notes with precision and clarity. Even at high volumes, the Alpha P3 maintains its composure and refinement across the scale.

The Alpha P3 results from meticulous precision engineering, leaving no stone unturned. It features an advanced Acoustic Linkwitz-Riley filter that intricately manages frequencies. This filter and a re-engineered crossover controls the sound direction and response, even at high volumes, keeping distortion at bay. The outcome is crystal-clear, high-quality audio that defies expectations. Experience the Alpha P3 and be amazed by its unmatched precision and clarity.

A classic look, improved by cutting-edge technology. The P3’s cabinet combines wall thickness and bracing to control resonances, providing an optimal platform for driver components. Internal damping material, borrowed from PSB’s high-end models, enhances its performance even further. The premium woodgrain vinyl finish (available in American Walnut or Black Ash), chrome front baffle, and magnetically attached grilles exude a timeless and elegant design.

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