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HIFIMAN has introduced two additions to its line-up of high-performance desktop headphone DAC/amplifiers: the EF500 and EF499.

Both the EF500 and EF499 bring true audiophile-grade performance to sleek, slender designs that provide powerful output while requiring minimal space on a desk or table top.

The EF500 and EF499 feature designs that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also serve as headphone stands, thereby reducing desktop clutter. Included are fully balanced input/output connections, a coaxial/NET+USB function switch, an independent power supply, and a thermal optimised tower case.

The EF500 desktop DAC/amplifier features HIFIMAN’s Hymalaya LE ladder DAC, consisting of an array of highly accurate resistors that use a ladder method of conversion that converts the digital signal with maximum accuracy and overall musicality. Signal-to-noise ratio, total harmonic distortion, and energy consumption are at their musical and efficient best.

A highlight of the EF500 is HIFIMAN’s Hymalaya LE R2R DAC, provides unsurpassed sonic output, especially when compared to the more commonplace PCM1704k module. The Hymalaya LE, with the added support of a new algorithm and 0.01% precision resistors, reaches a THD rate of 0.0025% (-8 dB), with distortion reduced to a previously unheard of low with no audible distractions.

The EF499 offers similar benefits as the EF500, but with the familiar Philips R2R DAC architecture known for its naturally warm, full range sonics and the company’s signature sonic tuning.

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