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September 2023

What can we say? It’s NAD, NAD, NAD and….. PSB month this month.

We have some cool toys from, yes, you guessed it , NAD to play with this month. At the moment I am sitting with the NAD C298 power amp gently running itself in as it has been for the last week already and it is making my CSLs sound pretty good from the first impressions I have allowed myself to get to grips with. It’ll be fed from the NAD C658 streamer that dwarfs my much loved and trusted Blue Sound Node, in size anyway. I can’t wait to get down to some proper Serious Listening just for a change.

It really is great to see familiar brands continue to develop and produce new exciting product. Andrew is getting to grips with some NAD kit of his own, namely the C700 and some PSB T20 speakers to keep him out of mischief and I look forward to comparing notes with him on the kit.

I did spend a very small quantum of time in the new high end demo home – one can’t really call it a demo studio – at Cinema Architects in Kramerville last month. If the stars align we might be allowed to do some actual coverage on the place because it is a high end demonstration of what can be achieved in integrating the sonic and visual senses into a living space. And there might just also be some interesting kit driving the processes behind the scenes (which is kind of the point!).

As far as a little side hustle goes AV News ala continua. As always, we’re open to suggestions, comments and of course material to write about. We’r enjoying it and as we grow to add some exposure to matters audio visual we hope that our own little contributions to the realisation that what we hear can always, always be made better are appreciated.

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