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November 2022

Doesn’t time fly? We’re already into silly season and Black Friday and the madness that this entails. Will be interesting to see what real bargains will present themselves and what deep discounts pose as genuine! Call me a cynic but hey, I’m just an optimist with experience…

Music this year seems to be more intense in quantity that I recall. Browsing through Richard Haslop’s musings on matters musical, and I owe him a vote of thanks for the Nick Cave heads up or I would have missed it, there’s no shortage on quality either. Having been callled out recently on musical tastes, or lack thereof, the willingness to listen to new music has never been stronger, or more interesting I might add. Force yourself – the results are often well worth the effort and pleasantly surprising. By way of example, I came across this ginger called Eddie something or other. Reminds me of a footy player – Kearan or Sheeran. Whatever – but watch this guy. I predict he has some success in his future.

In all seriousness however, despite Eskom’s best efforts to keep us away from our entertainment systems, the time spent in front of them is not diminishing in enjoyment. I reviewed an interesting concept – a streaming receiver that makes so much sense as a concept that I think they are going to become mainstream sooner rather than later. As we connect more and more, the depth of interface just makes sense to imbed streaming as a natural means to an end. The wireless home is upon us with intelligent switches for everything available off the shelf and installable with a screw driver and a spirited sense of adventure, so why not simply engage in it with the things that you use on a daily basis?

Turning the lights on from an app, making coffee and managing power usage is becoming almost as easy as accessing lossless libraries via Tidal or Spotify or any of a number of different services. Music was first I want to remind you!

Even if it wasn’t, it is still the most useful.

Of course it is.

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