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March 2024

It’s been a long term dream of mine and it’s finally beginning. Whether it takes a year or three remains to be seen but the Great Construction Project of 2024 has commenced – a new sound room. If I were to admit to being intimidated it would not be an understatement. Post my conversations with many people over many years and most recently with Sarel there is so much to sound rooms that the ideas of nirvana are so horribly left behind that one is left with a sense of doing what you can with what you have where you are and foregoing the attainment of impossible to achieve perfection.

It will have its quirks and annoyances and I think I am ready for that. We shall see – being a conversion of an existing abused room in the house the process is one in which my largest concern is one of reverb of bass notes, mid range sound staging intrusions and the fact that the room is not quite rectangular. It will pose challenges not least of which is the ceiling which I want to replace, and the floor which I want to tile.


I said tile.

No grass.


In the meantime however the focus is on getting in as much time in front of my speakers as possible because stresses at other work projects demand recuperation. Plus ongoing stresses from the Muppets merely add to the relief that music delivers. Music you can control and there is so much of it available that the AIs are feverishly slaving away to deliver to you at a personal level that they have almost become taken for granted. Get down and get in front of some speakers.

It doesn’t matter where.

William Kelly




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