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July 2023

One of my favourite things is to attend hi-fi shows. Call them what you will it is a great way to see and hear much of what is available to we lucky few that get to tend to our aural needs via toys that we can bring home, install and simply get of with the business of enjoying.

I often wonder what it would cost to use Nasrec in those massive halls to play some proper kit in what amounts to as open a space as you’re likely to encounter. Someday maybe perhaps we can pull it off – and have a free for all out and out show case slug fest between everyone and their dog competing for what sounds best to your ear. What an opportunity that would be.

But this weekend of 8 July there is a Joburg Fringe HiFi festival – deets are here. I am personally looking forward to this event very much being an opportunity to re-acquaint myself with brands and new iterations of kit that I have not yet been exposed to. Hopefully some of it is inspirational and I am sure much will be aspirational given the nature of the exchange rate these days…

That sad bit of new aside it is nonetheless gratifying to see that the industry is sparking something of a revival and if the recent visit to Cinema Architects was anything to go by, the high end domain of TV sets that cost over R2M crossing over with home automation and high end audio installations is assured for the well off amongst us. It is quite something to see and we hope to bring you more details about it soon.

Get out there and do some listening!

William Kelly




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