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January 2024

It’s going to be a big year no matter which we slice or dice it. Events in the world at large are happening everywhere and the winds of change are ever blowing. Locally for us this is of course best reflected in the upcoming elections this year that will are arguably the most important since 1994 given the state of decay we find ourselves enveloped in.

It is up to us to do what we can with what we have where we are. Defeated people have no hope and resort to the blame game which is perfectly understandable because many undefeated people also resort to the blame game, but then stand up and get things done anyway! If you live in South Africa, you have either of these choices open to you and choose you must because with the great power of the vote comes the great responsibility to own the consequences of that vote.

And now that I am off my soapbox, matters hi-fi have been ticking along if not trundling at a steady pace. Music, music and more music abounds and never before have we been so spoiled for choice. My choice of streaming that seems to ‘get me’ more than any other is Tidal and the algorithm that selects music that I quite enjoy is spot on – despite the influence of Haslop in his eclective musical musings on my selections in recent times. It makes me wonder just how it is that Tidal seems to know my moods and give me what I want, or perhaps it is a case that it is in fact controlling me? Cue the doom music…

But it matters not. 2024 is going to see the release of tons of new product in the space that is ours to enjoy and to bring to you and one of these will be the new NAD C658 streamer that I have finally almost just about put the finishing touches to in my take on it coming to a screen near you soon. If Santa skipped you this year, maybe, just maybe you should play catch up and take a turn past an audio dealer near you for some temptation…

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