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January 2023

We managed to avoid some Boney M, heavens be praised. But on holiday we didn’t avoid Jesse Clegg who played the last of his tour dates at, of all places, the Pig & Whistle at Bathurst. This little soiree of 200 of us or so, spanning from 4 to 84 (literally) got to grips with Jesse face on and full on.

And this is what music is about! From the first wham of his opening vocals to the final conclusion just over an hour and a bit later thanks to loadshedding applying an early curfew upon us, it’s clear that despite the fact that I can’t really bring up too many offspring in the musical world that have achieved their parents lofty heights, that Jesse is his own man. He makes his own music and is going to follow his own musical path. He makes no bones about the fact of where he comes from, the influences and of course the pressure he might be under and he dealt with it in the best possible way – by singing his music. And this on the back of recent deep personal tragedy. It was extraordinary.

The temptation to do a Johnny song must have been there. But it never came. What did come through though was that Jesse enjoys making music, he enjoys being on the stage and that there is nothing else he’d rather be doing. I got a strong sense of The Boss, Springsteen, in terms of his performance and I would not be surprised at all to see Jesse in 40 years time still playing live venues, still playing small venues for the sheer enjoyment of it all, and still taking selfies, signing autographs, sparing a kind word or two for everyone there who wanted to engage with him.

And that’s because that is what real super stars do.

It also made me miss my hi-fi. Having been away for almost a month the longing is large and the enthusiasm to continue the sound room development is high. It’s annoying that real life issues of work and stuff get in the way but I suppose that is the challenge all of us will have in what is going to be a tough 2023. Eskom and our inept useless political ‘leaders’ aside I will be finding myself diluting my inner rage at matters beyond my control by doing what I can with what I have where I am whilst immersed in my music. Music, music and more music is my wish for everyone in 2023!

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