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February 2024

2024 has leapt off with a massive bang and not on the AV side I am afraid. “Real Life” has kept me away from my toys far more than I would have liked and burning the candle at both ends has consequences in balancing life with music. Ever been there? I have to admit that there are few times when it is as much fun to get back in front of the system for a sneaksy hour or so in between travel to re-acquaint oneself with the joys deprived from endless hotel rooms and constant air travel.


It could be worse.

You might have had to sit through the great big SONA snooze fest and consider ritual suicide post the realisation of where we have been taken by the muppets allegedly elected to serve we, the people. And that is all I am going to say about that since at the moment I have some Van Morrison on in the background that is about to become the foreground. I have missed the crushed gravel oiled together in a slick messy combination of… ermm, gravel and oil posing as a voice recorded making human noises connecting us all together. It never ceases to amaze me. Those that can do what I cannot and how just a simple appreciation of talent and or an innate ability to communicate through music can re-ground oneself.

I think we all need it.

Get thineself down to the hi-fi dealer and find some re-grounding kit. You can’t take it with you and despite audio equipment being quite possibly the worst possible cash investment you can make the returns on it are unparalleled by any other. Nothing, but nothing even comes close and it is why music will beggar me yet. A destination to which I go willingly  – a journey that is unique, enduring and one that you can only experience for yourself…

William Kelly




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