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February 2023

Happy Valentine’s day to all!

Got me to thinking about the romance of it all – what could be better than a glass of good wine, a good meal in your tum tum and some tunes on the old hi-fi with your loved one? I’m not sure but if you find it do let me know?

We’re going to be trying a new thing shortly. YouTube and some unboxing stuff. And if it works for you, more reviews on YouTube (as well as written of course). We’re always in a state of seeing what will work and of course sourcing componentry to review…  Our doors are always open in that regard – this is a passion project for those like minded in their pursuit of enjoyment from the aural senses (and it must be admitted, the visual when it comes to some components that are properly drool worthy). Let us not forget our monitors, screens, TVs and spectacles to see them all with!

More to come – I have Tidal open and playing and whatever the AI is that it uses for my daily discoveries, it has me nailed. I om only a little nervous of the future…

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