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December 2022

That time of the year, the annual reminder that ear worms are an actual thing. That retail therapy is an actual thing. And that giving is better than receiving. Tell that to anyone on the receiving end of a 911 and I’ll show you that it is the case of the exception proving the rule!

Exceptions aside 2022 has been a mixed year. We’ve come off the lows of Covid which really hurt us all economically and which continues to have impacts in ways we have yet to fully measure or perhaps appreciate yet. I think that some of this is reflected in the music we listen to – in our outlooks towards each other and perhaps in our reflections of the people we have lost. Is the world a kinder, gentler place? Perhaps it is, and I’d like to think that amongst the ordinary folk that are getting on with our lives without our snouts deep in the filth of the lucre that is taxpayers loot by the political class whose sole talent lies in lying and looting (which is far easier than earning a living from a life of service) we have a deeper appreciation for those less fortunate than ourselves. Let’s face it, that’s a lot of folk and particularly so in this country.

Our little corner on the Internet may be teeny tiny and wholly lost in the masses of information circulating out there. But it’s ours and we’re carrying on regardless. To our supporters who have contributed and those that have read and enjoyed what we’ve written about a deep thank you. We’re going to continue doing what we do and albeit from a small base as we grow gently hopefully we can bring more to you and yours, and our wish for you in this Festive Season is precisely that – grow gently, do what you can with what you have where you are and when you are. Build n eagerness to get in front of speakers as often as possible. and do so with a tune in your mind.

Perhaps just not Boney M.

Although that maybe difficult to avoid!

William Kelly




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