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April 2024

The Great Construction continues. Slowly. What started off as a two week ‘just tile the damned room and paint it’ has revealed several, ahem, challenges.

OK they’re not challenges. They’re bloody expensive problems to be solved. Other people’s construction short cuts have become my issues to solve.


3 months is my best guess. And I need to construct so much more than I had wanted to in the workshop to replace old storage. What have I done?

I do have some solace however. T+A headphones and an amp will be covered shortly.

Well, I say solace. It’s not really since these two little toys do come at a price well north of several hundred thousand rand. Are they worth it? You’ll have to read on a little later once I am done with them but I know that Joel is also going to be expressing an opinion on them shortly. Based on my initial listen with them they really are something quite special indeed and I am enjoying them almost as much as the NAD C298 that I ended up not giving back. It’s heavy to lift and box again, so it was just easier all round to leave it where it was. I am weak and feeble which is the excuse I use for when my wife beats me for spending the kitchen/holiday money again on kit. Which is why I don’t tell her until she finds out.

Music helps with the healing process. It really does. And as with headphones that have captivated everyone that has listened to them (I insist on all visitors taking a listen to them!) music when heard in ways that may be new to people becomes sticky. In the process new appreciators of the emotive connections created by good music played well on good kit are introduced.

It’s kept me alive so far.

William Kelly




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