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Cinema Architects recently announced the opening of its new experience centre in Kramerville, Sandton, a showroom experience the likes of which has never before been seen in South Africa, setting the benchmark in Home Cinema and Home automation showrooms.

Designed as a fully automated home, it is a truly unique experience, genuinely showing prospective clients the functionality of home automation and offering them the opportunity to listen to world-class home cinemas powered by Genelec.

The experience centre features two home cinema rooms; Cinema 2 is the largest of both rooms. The room is approximately —7.5 m in length and 4.5 m wide with a 3 m ceiling height. The idea behind this room was to take a large room and make it cosy, comfortable, and inviting, yet still deliver exceptional audio quality filled with quality and power.

The room features two levels: each plays host to a row of casual-style seating with ottomans for leg comfort. This seating style is trendy because it’s more inviting for a family and, arguably, more comfortable. Cinema Architects wanted to showcase how this was possible not only in small rooms but in larger rooms, too.

The room needed to sound as good as it looked, and Cinema Architects wanted to push the boundaries in terms of design and do new and unusual things. The ceiling, for example, is an acoustic board covered in different size holes, creating a unique visual effect. Above this is the acoustic treatment of various thicknesses depending on the reflection point. This effect is further enhanced with fading fibre optic starlights. In the centre of the room, hanging from the ceiling, are two large floating golden discs that complete the top.

For the first reflection points besides the screen, Cinema Architects custom-engineered a honeycomb pattern that would freely let sound travel through with acoustic treatment hidden behind it. This honeycomb effect was then continued on the floor with a bespoke carpet featuring the same pattern, creating continuity between the walls and the floor.

Acoustically, Cinema Architects knew it had to be Genelec! The company’s past successes with Genelec, including winning Best Home Cinema in the World in 2021, has given it great confidence in the brand. Cinema Architects has been using Genelec for Home Cinema for over 10 years, achieving great success.

Hiding behind the 4 m micro-perforated screen are three Genelec 1238DFs making up the left, centre and right channels. Just below the screen in full view are two 7370 subwoofers.

Completing the system are four Genelec AIW25s delivering Atmos and four AIC25s as surrounds for a 7.2.4 Dolby setup.

Doing the Dolby processing is a NAD 778 AV Receiver paired with a Dreamvision 8k laser projector. Cinema Architects likes to integrate various sources so the client can also see the image quality depending on the source; therefore, as sources, Cinema Architects has a 4k Apple TV, a Panasonic Blu-Ray player and a Zappiti media player.

This combination delivers balanced audio throughout any movie genre, from live music to action-packed movies. The system remains clean and strong no matter the content, versatility that is a powerful selling point with clients. The audio is clean, defined and strong when it needs to be.

The result is an imposing cinema room in décor and design and unmatched audio quality.

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