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The all-new Cinema Architects Experience Centre had much to live up to. Especially when it came to cinema rooms. Having won multiple awards for Best Home Cinema, it had to create a memorable experience.

The Experience Centre features two home cinema demo rooms, the smallest of which is “Cinema 1”. Cinema 1 is only 5.7m by 4.2m. The company wanted to create an authentic cinema feel in this space, showcasing how this is possible, even in a smaller room. This room would be dedicated to true movie buffs who enjoy impeccable image quality with even better audio quality. Being a demo room, Cinema Architects wanted to show off the Genelec speakers and their location instead of hiding them.

The room has a solid, authentic “cinema” feel. All the walls are clad in covered panels, some acoustic and some not, but they all look the same. From the edges of these panels, there’s a soft, warm glow from carefully placed LED strips. The double-rim ceiling creates additional height, and in the centre glows fibre optic starlights.

The unconventional part is a TV cabinet with the Left, Centre and Right channels on full display. A soft glow beneath the cabinet creates a floating illusion, reducing its “optical” weight. Four cinema recliners, also with an under glow in an arch form, complete the room.

This room, instead of a traditional projector, features a unique screen, the Samsung 110-inch Micro LED – arguably the best picture quality available today. This created the need for the TV cabinet since speakers could not be hidden behind the screen. However, Cinema Architects also did not want substantial obtrusive speakers. Instead, it wanted very detailed audio with quality taking preference over SPL. The audio had to match the picture quality; the Micro LED is an imposing screen and rare. This would be the only one available on the African Continent.

For LCR, the company opted for the Genelec 8331A. Besides its beautiful aesthetics, it also knew sound quality would be impeccable, and they delivered without question.

Bass comes from a single 7360 subwoofer; with a room this size, Cinema Architects knew a single 7360 would suffice without compromise. For rear and surround speakers, the 8320 monitors were opted for a 7.1 Dolby setup.

This setup would enable Cinema Architects to use GLM to calibrate the monitors to the room and achieve the best possible performance. The results are incredible. The audio performance is astounding, filling the room with detailed clean vocals and music tonality that must be heard. This room has become extremely popular; the company could not be happier with the results. It is beyond impressive, even for its standards.


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