Published On: 20 Feb 2023Categories: Auto & Vehicles

The Subaru WRX is a bit of an icon, a bit of a Japanese cum rally cult car. Having never driven one before but having been familiar with what is the legend it is always been one of my bucket list cars to experience.

I don’t generally read what other people think about cars – I like to formulate my own opinions. But one sometimes cannot help but come across opinions about cars, and in particular this one. It’s supposedly less hardcore than it’s predecessor, with less power and a supposedly awful CVT gear box.

Perhaps one shouldn’t meet one’s heroes – but in this case that’s a stupid theory – I utterly loved this car. It’s brilliant and that gearbox has changed me. Basic stats of the car belie the fun to drive factor in it and whilst it may not win too many robot to robot drag races put it in the hands of a vaguely competent driver and around a track or in fast sweepy twisty stuff and the WRX comes alive.


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