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It’s like staring down the barrel of the CD gun whilst listening to tapes…

It’s like staring down the barrel of the streaming gun whilst listening to CDs…

In car terms the ‘electric’ has won. It will see off hydrogen fuel cells, it will see off Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). This is because that’s what has been legislated in every major market that counts and by the time our kids grow up they will be unlikely to understand what a petrol engine did, and even less likely to care. It may be very sad to some of us petrol heads who enjoy pulverising petrol by the pantload into go forward fun but honestly that’s only until you get into an electric car.

Because then suddenly the romance with octane will end abruptly, rudely and unequivocally. Fossil fuels instantly become yesterday’s news – even faster than the 2023 SONA address.

This is what is called progress and whilst there are some naysayers raging about range and the impracticality of charging over long distances – which is about the ONLY issue that might perhaps make a modicum of sense – they are fighting a lost cause in a battle that is already over.

By way of example, the new Merc S Class already has a range of 800km.

This iPace is not that but it does claim around 400km and I think 350kms is absolutely achievable. You can shelve range anxiety – even in Stage 6 load shedding with a home charger the iPace will be just fine when left in overnight. Lose no sleep my little munchkins – the Jaaaaaagggg has you covered.

And does it ever have you covered!

I get to grips with the monster below.




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