20 April 2024
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Kia Seltos

12 Oct 2023|Auto & Vehicles|

Kia Seltos 1.5 CDRi EX+ Auto Kia have become a matured and trusted brand in South Africa. It has been a while since I was last in a Kia and as I sit here in [...]

Jeep Grand Cherokee

4 Sep 2023|Auto & Vehicles|

Big bad Jeep But it's sooo good! Really. It is a proper contender in the high stakes big SUV market - and whilst R1.58M sounds daunting when you compare it with the competition the Grand [...]

Fiat 500X EST Sport

10 Jul 2023|Auto & Vehicles|

But is it cake? Or is it really a 500? It is R580k. Ouchies. Generally I like Fiats. And I quite like the smallness of the popular 500, and I love the idea of the [...]

Toyota Vitz Makes its debut

17 May 2023|Auto & Vehicles|

It's NOT a Celerio. It is an extension of the Suzuki Toyota JV relationship ala Starlet/Baleno flavour. So expect a lot of similarities between the two. The Vitz replaces the Agya and let me get [...]

Hyundai Palisade Facelift Launch

10 May 2023|Auto & Vehicles|

Big SUVs. They’re very nice things to be in generally because they’re big. But they also generally come with a big price tag and that’s often a stumbling point between the realisations of aspiration vs [...]

Honda Civic RS

10 Apr 2023|Auto & Vehicles|

The Honda Civic is one of those cars that you actually need to drive to understand.               The Civic RS has no right to claim the RS badging that [...]

Toyota GR86

4 Apr 2023|Auto & Vehicles|

I drove this little beast for about 2 days. It wasn't long enough.   Rate this car yourself!     Hairdressers. They get a bad rap and an association with the Mazda MX 5 that [...]

Jaguar iPace EV 400

22 Feb 2023|Auto & Vehicles|

It's like staring down the barrel of the CD gun whilst listening to tapes... It's like staring down the barrel of the streaming gun whilst listening to CDs... In car terms the 'electric' has won. [...]

Subaru WRX tS

20 Feb 2023|Auto & Vehicles|

The Subaru WRX is a bit of an icon, a bit of a Japanese cum rally cult car. Having never driven one before but having been familiar with what is the legend it is always [...]

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